Removing Bloatware from your Xiaomi Phones. Here’s how to delete pre-installed apps from your Xiaomi smartphone using the Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools

What is Bloatware?

Smartphone Apps Bloatware
Smartphone Apps Bloatware

This are unwanted or hidden software installed by the manufacturer or vendor on a new phone.

Bloatware has no inherent benefit for the user, making it different from firmware, which your device uses to run essential processes.

It merely consumes space, slows down your phone, and sucks up battery power.

How to remove bloatware

1. Enable Developer Option


  1. Head over to Settings on your Xiaomi smartphone
  2. Tap About Phone
  3. Tap on the MIUI version seven times to enable Developer Options.
    • “You are a developer”.

2. Turn on USB Debugging


  1. Head over to Settings on your Xiaomi smartphone
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Additional Settings”.
  3. Scroll down and tap on “Developer Options”.
  4. Scroll down and tap on “USB Debugging”
  5. Click on the “checkbox”.
  6. Wait for the countdown and tap “OK”.

3. Setup debloating tools

A. Download the following applications.

B. Installation the applications

After you have downloaded the above files, install the ‘JDK-xx.x.x.exe’ that you just downloaded.

Now start the ‘XiaomiADBFastbootTools.jar‘ program.

4. Connect your Phone

Connect your phone to PC.

  • Enable Media Sharing in USB option from your phone’s notification.
  • After you the app is opened, check your phone again. (Unlock it if screen is locked)
  • You will see a dialogue box at bottom of the screen, click allow. (The first time)
  • If it is still not detecting your phone, please update drivers on your PC.
Xiaomi ADB
Xiaomi ADB

5. Removing Bloatware from your Xiaomi phones

Select the apps you’d like to uninstall after you’re connected.

The uninstaller can be found under ADB > Uninstaller.
Tap on Uninstall and you’re done with the process.


IMPORTANT WARNINGS Regarding Removing Bloatware Apps from MIUI:

  1. MI security app
  2. Getapps app

Don’t uninstall the MI security app it will lead to Boot loop and soft bricking of the phone. It’s a necessary app and you cannot uninstall it.

Don’t uninstall the Getapps application. You need the Getapps app in order to update system apps such as Phone, Messages, Mi security apps which are connected to the system apps updater module Future updates won’t bring back the Uninstalled apps.

Safe Apps to uninstall.

Here are the apps that are safe to uninstall: –

  1. Apps
  2. Browser
  3. Calculator
  4. Calendar
  5. Compass
  6. E-mail
  7. Feedback
  8. File Explorer
  9. FM Radio
  10. Gallery
  11. Games
  12. Mi Account
  13. Mi Cloud
  14. Mi Drop
  15. Mi Pay
  16. Mi Payment
  17. Mi Recycle
  18. Mi Roaming
  19. Mi Video
  20. Music
  21. Notes
  22. Recorder
  23. Scanner
  24. Screen Recorder
  25. Security
  26. System App Updater
  27. Wallpaper
  28. Weather
  29. Yellow Pages
  30. AntiSpam
  31. SIM Activate Services
  32. MSA
  33. Google Drive
  34. Gmail
  35. Google Play Music
  36. Google Play Videos
  37. Google Photos
  38. Talkback
  39. Facebook Apps


You do not require an unlocked bootloader or root access to uninstall system applications from your Xiaomi smartphone.

Most apps are safe to remove. However, apps that offer basic functionality, such as the Dialer application, MIUI framework, and others, should not be tampered with.

Deleting apps from your smartphone has no effect on your smartphone’s OTA software upgrades.

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