Although, WordPress offers its own built in login page. The login screen is Branded with its logo, color theme and styling.

If you want a custom WordPress login page, due to personalization or security reasons and any other reason, you can set a redirect function to that using the function file.

ASSUMPTION: You already have a functioning custom login page.
Default wp-login.php page - WordPress login redirect using a function
Default wp-login.php page
custom login page
custom login page

WordPress Login Redirect function

The default WordPress login page is “wp-login.php“. It is possible to set a custom WordPress default page using a simple redirect function.

In your ‘functions.php’ file, you need to add the following code;

function redirect_login() {
add_action('login_redirect', 'redirect_login');

The wp_redirect function simply redirects to another page.

We use die; or exit; because wp_redirect() does not exit automatically,

The login_redirect filter provides us a simple overwrite for all WordPress user logins.

A login page is the entry point to welcome users into your site and brand. You can customize the login page. Follow our article Custom WordPress login page without plugin.

It should have a good design and encourage users for signup. We can set up on for you.

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